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Discover why restaurants who choose us become the very best.

Elevating Your Business: Customized Excellence and Consistency in Every Batch

At Un’Opera LAB, our central objective revolves around creating top-tier, cost-effective pizza dough solutions tailored to meet your business’s exacting requirements.

We are dedicated to not only surpassing industry standards but also crafting a product that embodies your distinct vision.

Our commitment extends beyond the initial creation, as we diligently work to uphold unwavering quality across each batch, ensuring your unique dough consistently reflects excellence and sets you apart in the market.

Crafting Excellence: The Fusion of Swiss Quality, Italian Mastery, and Unrivaled Dough Quality

At Un’Opera LAB, we pride ourselves on crafting pizza dough of unparalleled excellence. Our commitment to quality starts with  sourcing the world’s finest raw materials, including a secret blend of non-GMO Swiss wheat, the purest water originating from  Swiss water tables, and the most exquisite Italian olive oil.

This combination of ingredients not only imparts an irresistible flavor but also ensures that each batch of our dough upholds  the esteemed reputation of Swiss precision and quality and Italian artistry. What truly sets our dough apart is its remarkable  high protein content, granting it exceptional digestibility and endowing it with the longest shelf life available in the market.

We work according to the highest food safety standards as per regulations: (CE) n°852/2004, all our products have cleartraceability as per regulations: (CE) n°178/2008

With Un’Opera LAB, you’re not just savoring a product – you’re experiencing the culmination of culinary mastery and innovation.

Culinary Excellence Unveiled: Our Unrivaled Manufacturing Journey

Our manufacturing process is a culmination of decades of research and an uncompromising commitment to selecting only the highest quality ingredients. 

What sets us apart is our dedication to perfection, reflected in our unique 18-day proofing and maturation process – the longest in the world. This meticulous approach allows our dough to develop a depth of flavor and texture that’s truly exceptional.

To preserve the nutritional value and exquisite taste of our dough, we employ a shock freezing technique at -40°C.  This final step ensures that every batch of our pizza dough reaches your kitchen with all its natural goodness intact

Crafted Diversity: A World of Dough Varieties and Custom Creations

At Un’Opera LAB, our range of products is a testament to our dedication to culinary innovation and customer satisfaction.

Among our esteemed offerings is the patented « Leggera » dough, a masterpiece that embodies a highly digestible harmonious blend of six carefully selected flours. This blend not only delivers a remarkable taste but also showcases our commitment to  pushing the boundaries of dough creation.

Our « Neapolitan » dough, with its characteristic thick crust, pays homage to the traditional flavors of Italy’s most beloved pizza style.

Meanwhile, our « Pinsa Alla Romana » introduces a delightful twist with its hydrogenated fluffy texture, adding a new dimension to  your culinary creations.

Beyond this exceptional catalog, we take pride in crafting tailor-made dough that aligns perfectly with your specifications – from weight considerations to the precise flour composition you desire. Your vision is our inspiration, and we are dedicated to  bringing it to life with every batch we create.